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February 2009

  • Added a yellow banner with important messages like this

October 2008

  • Allowed to browse the start.php page month by month and article by article See BrowseNews

June 2008

  • Added Yahoo! Pipe for Netvibes Universe on start page
  • Use of ?ScribeFire for Authoring blog entries

Between January and June 2008

  • added comments
  • Stopped CoComment integration

January 2008

December 2007

  • I added a Show/Hide set of buttons to conpact/expand the startpage.

See 20071213RssArchive

December 2007

  • I integrated two Blogs into the start page. I can now publish complete stories on the start page instead of just links. The start page is now composed of the two blogs + the delicious links having startpage as tag. I just need to archive the feed in the wiki from time to time to have the full-text search integrated.

November 2007

  • I added a Chat functionality - (Private use)

August 2007

January 2007 - Many things happened...

  • I added comments on the site
  • I changed the magpie system that reads delicious to an xml_parser php script that loads a table. ToDo I should publish it.
  • Postnuke is dead : removed from ftp, removed from mysql

--- 22 Dec 2006 - The postnuke has been migrated to the wiki beginning of January. End of December I have restructured the HomePage, the jfdeclercq.com page and the SiteMap.

News are now streamed from http://del.icio.us/jfdeclercq and I use an RSS converter to display them.

15 Nov 2004

  • There will be a new way to publish pictures. ?PhpGraphy doesn't behave very well anymore so I'll rather generate the thumbnails on my PC before uploading it. To do that I use Galleroo (http://www.xyster.net/galleroo/). I customized the XSL to have my own look and feel. The result can be seen under http://www.lowas.be/photos/Mexico/.

01 Nov 2004

  • I'm back on my website - after my mba- and I finally could integrate my Wiki with my postnuke. I also did the fusion of the mba and the lowas wiki.

04 Jan 2003

  • I added all my bookmarks in my website Weblinks section. Therefore I wrote a java class to generate the right SQL statements (see ?IeToNukeBookmarks).

16 Dec 2002

  • I changed the theme (dark blue, white, black, grey). Same colors as jfdeclercq.com

30 oct 2002

19 oct 2002

  • I added the picture of "Rue des Lowas"

25 Sep 2002

  • I added the lowas picture on www.lowas.be. Thanks to Manu Ferriere for the scan. I intend to put other pictures of the Lowas hill.

12 Sep 2002

9 Sep 2002

6 Sep 2002 : added this wiki as a home page, the lowas Wiki

  • I Had to comment some lines of interwiki in ?PageType.php
  • I created the mba/index.php and /index.php Wiki inexes pointing to the wiki directory
  • TODO : change the theme ?

30 Aug 2002 : http://jfd.lowas.be working

25 Aug 2002 : http://www.lowas.be

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