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Vlerick Informeel Digitaal Vs Papier

Vlerick Informeel : Digital vs Papier. Vriend of Vijand ?

19/09/07 - KBC


The evening session was a Panel debate, with some light presentations as an appeltiser.

  • Eddy Dobbelaere - Desk Solutions - Porthus
  • Jan Pissiersens - Aries Holding
  • Frank Robben - Admin General Kruispuntbank - Smals
  • Moderator : Pieter Hinsen

What I retain

1. Paperless is not always cheaper. You need to carefully calculate the difference between paper and a digital. For information exchange, it's obvious that digital is cheaper. For archiving it's not automatically the case. Your digital archive will be better only if you need to retrieve and re-exchange the documents multiple times.

2. Paperless still scares. The technolgy problems - the possibility that you might not be able to retrieve and read documents out of the electronic archive - are real. The lack of clear standards is a problem here. No Software/Hardware vendor will garantee long term storage. To tackle the problem, read point 3.

3. Paperless is not a technology : It's a process. As soon as you archive something, the process doesn't stop. That's where it starts ! This makes me think that at home I also have the problem. I can't read my HP emails HP because at IBM we use Lotus Notes. So when I archived my emails, my process was wrong. I will have to buy Outlook personally in order to consult my old emails (139). Companies need to take the challenge as a process that will never stop. The archive has to move to be always available. that's a big difference with Paper (go back to point 1)

Funny thinks

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