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I have started at IBM as Software IT Architect (SWITA) on March 16th, 2007.


The Software IT Architect (SWITA) has the following role within the IBM Software Group organization :

  • Solution Designer : analyis of a customer's business and IT challenges and design a comprehensive solution that integrates smoothly into the customer's environment and which leverages the entire IBM software portfolio in order to increase IBM Software market share.
  • Technology Advisor : leads the IBM team in promoting the IBM technology, seeking to create new opportunities as well as advance existing sales efforts.
  • Methodologist : leads customers and the IBM team in selecting, employing and influencing the use of appropriate methodologies and design tools to achieve the desired business and technical results.
  • Facilitator : he is a leader in facilitating communication among customer, partner and IBM teams.
  • Project Advisor : makes sure that the business vision has been satisfied through the design, adapting to non-functional requirements, suggesting solutions to customer skill gaps, correcting architectural errors, and observing the deployed system to harvest lessons for future projects.

IBM Software Group

IBM Software Group is almost a company in its own right, the second largest software business in the world. It has around 37.000 employees, the word's largest direct software sales force of 10.000, 30 software labs, 24 on demand software centers and 14.000 employees dedicated to open software technologies.

The mission of IBM Software Group is the development of cutting-edge software solutions that realise the potential of the e-business revolution. The next generation of e-business will require better software to build and support the killer applications of tomorrow. Stable, secure and robust e-infrastructures and the successful integration of data and applications are the foundations of next generation e-business - concepts that lie at the heart of IBM's software business.

We are focusing on business software in the middleware solutions area. - it delivers critical services to applications such as transaction management, messaging, systems management or data management.

IBM Software Group in Belgium sells and distributes software to customers located in Belgium and Luxembourg. These software solutions are part of the middleware infrastrucure and the development environment of the customer. The software solutions are developed in the IBM labs and belong to the Websphere, Lotus, DB2, Tivoli and Rational suites.

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