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Today (20070123) I release a prototype of a SOA Repository I have designed and implemented myself.

By my experience in SOA projects and being frustrated by documentig and communicating around serive design and information, I have created a small php object database prototype (see Entrypot). The purpose of this php system is to be able to enter information in a collaborative mode.

My first preview is here http://soarepository.ifrance.com/setContext.php?ID=44

Some objects of the following type have been created :

  • SOA Repository
  • SOA Service

The SOA Repository links to the SOA services and the SOA services are described using interfaces and methods for the moment.

By doing this I have built an extensible SOA Repository that could be used a central documentation place for developers and business analysts.

As a test case, I will soon publish a complete service : the COBRA naming service. Such that we can see what it gives with a real service specification. The CORBA meta-models is composed of

  • Modules
  • Interfaces
  • Exceptions
  • Methods

See BusinessServicesRepository for examples.

and other struct and naming contexts.

I intend to develop a xml export feature that would make it possible to generate the service XML version and afterwards to transform it to COBRA IDL using a stylesheet.

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