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Rpm 36

RPM Release 36

RPM™ 36 will push you to new levels of fitness.

The hill climb will make you strong; the interval track burns huge amounts of calories and in the mountain climb the training focus shifts to strength and endurance with two phases of two minute blasts where you really work it!

Some longer work phases provide a higher top end for those athletes who want it. RPM is increasingly appealing to outdoor sports enthusiasts who are using the class in their training for events and the new class is great for this.

Musically, we’ve got a great mix of sounds starting with Jamiroquai’s funky and uplifting Little L. The beats-per-minute rate a little faster than normal to provide some great energy for the start of the class.

A fun remake of the classic You Spin Me Right Round sets the scene for the pace track, which sets the riders up for the demands of the workout.

I Like To Move It follows and this has a great driving beat that will maximize the workout experience - this is the first big challenge in the class.

Get ready for some dance rock in the interval track with Painkiller. Power is the name of the game here and the rules are simple – the higher load you push, and the faster you do it, the more power you’re producing.

The mountain climb is another highlight , with the trancey-bongo feel in the remix of Safri Duo’s Played-A-Live. The training focus shifts to strength endurance as the music builds and makes you really want to move!

This is a massive workout guaranteed to maximize fitness gains and caloric expenditure.

reference : http://www.lesmills.com/global/en/members/rpm/latest-release.aspx


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