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Migrating to postnuke

Date: 2002-01-17 17:36:49

Migrating PHPNuke 5.3.1 to PostNuke v0.702

Don't ask me why I decided to migrate to PostNuke. I have the feeling that 55 developpers can

do more than a unique guy. Anyway I decided to migrate to PostNuke.

This text describes all the steps I have done to do the migration. I have multiple websites

that will have to be migrated.
- http://Www.jfdeclercq.com/
- http://usarchennoise.multimania.com/
- http://www.vcbg.com/
- The Software AG Belgium intranet nuke
- my own nuke on my laptop

Back Up everything
The first thing to do is to backup everything. Very Important.

html, php, and images
I copied my nuke directory into a postnuke directory.

database (http://www.webmasterbase.com/article/325)
shell> mysql -u user -ppassword database_name < backup-file.sql


if you have access to phpMyAdmin, you can use the following procedure:
- Access phpMyAdmin, and select the database you wish to 'dump' (backup).
- Scroll down and you will see a bulleted point saying: "View dump (schema) of database" along

with some radio and check boxes. Choose 'Structure and data', then click on 'Add Drop

Table'and 'Send' and click 'Go'. This will save the 'dump' to your hard drive.


Perform the migration steps in the README :

>>UPGRADE FROM PHP-NUKE 5, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 -- ML-NUKE 5.0
>>Upload the files to your
>>website root, overwriting your current PHP-Nuke 5.0 files.

that's easy.

>>CHMOD config.php 666

>>Point your browser to install.php (ie: http://www.yoursite.com/install.php) and
>>follow instructions for upgrading from PHP-Nuke 5.0. All upgrading can be done
>>from this file.

You should have this in mind :
db host
db username
db password
db name
Table Prefix
DB Type

Then just follow the wizzard from install.php. It's extremely well done !!

It seems to work already.

Don't forget the following steps, otherwise you will have a strange behavior...:

>>REMOVE meta.php and javascript.php from your includes folder.

>>Open your config.php and enter the proper database settings.

>>In your admin preferences select your default language for your site.


>>That should be it.

>>FINALIZING INSTALLATION ======================= In every case, you will need to
>>delete the following:
>>install.php install directory

Everything seemed to be fine once, but just after:
--> I had problems with the blocks The Home link was bad, I couldn't click on it anymore, there was some ugly html in the link...
---> I had messages like "User Block blabla" check your include/blocks directory...
---> I even had a php.exe application error from Windows

Do not override the PHPNuke Stuff, create a new postnuke directory...

Updating table: autonews... Skipped!
Updating table: blocks... Skipped!
Updating table: ephem... Done!
Updating table: faqcategories... Done!
Updating table: message... Skipped!
Updating table: poll_desc... Done!
Updating table: queue... Skipped!
Updating table: reviews... Done!
Updating table: reviews_add... Skipped!
Updating table: seccont... Skipped!
Updating table: stories... Skipped!

Still the same problems :

- The main menu is corrupted. For example if I click on Home, the link is like this, quiet wrong indeed
- Topics,Sections, Reviews... until Recommend Us give me an internal error message
- After 'Top 10' I have a string that appears : "title

- At the bottom I have this message : Block Type modules Not Found
The block type modules doesn't seem to exisit. Please check your includes/blocks/ directory.
- at the right I have this message : "Block Type userbox Not Found
The block type userbox doesn't seem to exisit. Please check your includes/blocks/ directory
. "

Checking my Themes

Checking the WYSIWIG Editor

Checking the modules
My main concern is for the modules. Here are the modules that I use accross all my

- AvantGo
- Downloads
- Feedback
- Kalender
- Member List
- NukeSearch
- PhotoAlbum (PiXfr Photo Module 1.1.1)
- Web Links

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