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Introduction To Business Statistics

From http://www.vlerick.be/education/mba/introductory.htm#statistics

We live in a probabilistic managerial world. Processes are seldom black or white. They are uncertain, fuzzy, likely. Some basic statistical knowledge and ‘feeling’ is indispensable for every modern manager. In all kinds of management domains such as financial management, quality control, marketing research and operations management, concepts and techniques with a mathematical and statistical background are used.

This course is not aimed to form specialists in the area but to give you a sufficient background in business statistics, enabling you to start a fruitful dialogue with real statistical experts and to unmask the pseudo-expert "who uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts - for support rather than illumination."-Andrew Lang (1844-1912).

Available Course Notes :

  • Statistics Course Notes
  • My Summary of ?ManagerialStatistics

My notes used to be available on Multimania. But Multimania kicked me out. Too many downloads, not enough browsing !!

So I'm looking for a scalable replacement solution to store the 100MB of PDF for all my notes. If you need these notes just send me an email. We will find a solution.

I found here an excellent tutorial web site with Quizz and so on http://pse.cs.vt.edu/SoSci/converted/index.html

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