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I'll start my MBA in september 2002

Date: 2002-04-23 21:01:39

Maybe you will be interested to know that I'll start an MBA at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in september.
Indeed, on the April 10th 2002 I passed the admission test of the International MBA (Part-time).

The test is composed of 3 parts :

1. Written Test : A young lady reads a text of some financial newspaper (I think this time it was from BusinessWeek). In english, You have to write a one page summary and give your opinion on an another page.

2. Group Discussion test : In a group of 7 people we had to discuss the following problem :
"Your company is looking for a new sales manager for Carnival products in Spain. You have to give a list of 7 quality criterias for the required person. 5 criterias are already given. Your group must identify 2 more criterias and sort the 7 criterias in 20 minutes.". This test is just about checking if you can integrate and act positively in a group discussion.

3. Interview with a jury. Very general questions are asked about your motivations, your career plans, the choice of the school. Additional questions on the business context are also discussed, for example the Andersen/Enron case or the advantages/disadvantages of the EURO.

Only one advice can be given before taking the exam : read the press (finacial times, businessweek,l'echo...)

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