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Education Is Key

Our system is a capitalist system. Based on money.

As described in "Albert Jacquard - J'accuse l'économie triomphante", Capitalims can indeed be seen as the cause of many problems for a lot of people on earth (those who have no money).

If Markets are efficient however, why does the system make the rich richer ?

My belief is that Education is key for solving that issue.

Companies make money on the basis of their customers. But customers are... the people at the end of the day (at the end of the value chain).

If people would fully undestand the consequence of their choices they would understand that they make themselves the slaves of the system.

Our values makes us want more and more things that we don't need (as described by Alain Souchon in Foule Sentimentale - http://www.paroles.net/chansons/15218.htm). We have learned to consume.

We need to educate ourselves that our happiness or the meaning of our live is not in HAVING things.

Therefore I believe Education Is Key. because what we want depends on what we have learned to want...


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