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The project

That's it I think I found a name: entrypot.

The idea

I have the idea since many weeks to develop a new kind of Web Application.

I wish to develeop what I would call a "freedom DB". Freedom because there would be no schema. Instead of creating information from a structure (like a table of an XML schema), the purpose would be to capture information in a structured way but the structure would not be pre-defined. Even it could change over time.

It's only afterwards, when the information is there that we could export it to structured formats : HTML, RDF, XML, SQL...

How ?

Basically, we need to have an object/attributes/links database...

The following functions would be available to the enduser via web pages

  • Create Object(Object Name,Object Type) -> New Object and New Object Type
  • Create Object From Type(Object Name) -> New object with all Object Type Attributes pre-created with default values
  • Edit Object
  • Change Object Name
  • Add Object Attribute(Attribute Name,Atttibute Type,Cardinality, Attibute Default Value,Attribute Order)
  • Add Object Link(Source ObjectID, Target ObjectID, Link Name, Link Type) -> Link
  • Delete Object Link (Link ID)
  • Search Object (by name, by type, by attribute, by...)

Attribute Types:

  • Text
  • String (one line)
  • Date
  • Integer
  • Float
  • image
  • url

Export functions

  • xml (following links to a given depth)
  • xsd (following links to a given depth)
  • rdf
  • rss

Other webpages would allow to

  • Specify root objects from wich you can navigate

Examples of usefull objects

  • To make a Blog
    • Object of type Primary Page linked to Objects of Type messages linked to objects of type comments
    • Messages and Comment objects have date:Date, title:String, body:Text, image:Image, comments:Comment*
  • To make a ?ContactList
    • Contact with several attributes



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