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Camion de Pompiers
Commentaire de Thomas : "Je connais deux sortes de camion de pompiers: le pompe tonne et le camion avec la grande échelle. Ici j'ai dessiné le pompe tonne"

From jfdeclercq's Pictures Blog

Le dessinateur : Thomas

From jfdeclercq's Pictures Blog
Youpie Yée
What makes China happy ? Youpie Yee !

See here : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=atP_VnQL3Gc
Blagues de saison
"Aujourd'hui, il vaut mieux avoir les bourses en action que des actions en bourse".

"Vendez vos actions en bourse et achetez un chien : Il n'y a plus que ça qui rapporte" (Laurent Ruquier)
Month by month or 1 by 1
Yesterday I spent some time improving my start page. You can now browse my published articles month by month and one by one. See some details here : http://www.lowas.be/index.php?pagename=BrowseNews
Listening to The Lounge Box
If you like the Lounge music that you hear in the Fashion Stores of Brussels or Antwerp (joke), why not give it a try with this CD : The Lounge Box

From In JF mind today

It's a very nice box. You have 5 CDs of relaxing music. Very Nice.
SOA Services Granularity
When discussing about SOA a very common question goes about the granularity of services.

I have always applied two principles to decide for myself if a service has the right granularity :

1. Does it make sense ?

If a Business User of this service reads the service specification, he should be able to understand it. This requires to have servcice specifications in natural language.

2. Is it Human ?

Services are ways to request for information. My basic belief is that it should be possible for a normal human being to process that information. I like to think about services in terms of web pages : how would it look like if it was a web page ? (That's probably because I'm a fan of the Semantic Web vision). The rationale is that if the service provides something that is not human (thousands of records) there is room for service re-factoring (by using an iterator for instance).

A service that would dump all your emails at once on your screen in one page would be useless. What you want is a service to browse emails titles 20 by 20 and the possibility to open an email by selecting it. In addition you want a search function. Paging, Summaries and Searching are examples of human services.
TOGAF Certification Course Completed this week
This week I completed a TOGAF 8.1 Certifcation course. This means that I should be TOGAF Certified in the coming days. This is the second Certification I pass this year after the ITIL Certification (Thank you IBM!). TOGAF is about Entreprise Architecture and it's a fascinating topic. I'll blog about the highlights of this TOGAF course soon.

Foot sur la plage de De Haan, ce 28 septembre 2008
J'ai uploadé sur Youtube une vidéo d'une partie de foot filmée sur la plage de De Haan ce 28 septembre 2008. Je joue avec avec Thomas et Jonas (rencontré sur place).

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