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What are your projects ?

Yesterday I heard someone on TV saying :

"A lot of problems in our society come from the absence of projects".

It's true. Nothing is more depressing than not having projects. When you don't have a perspective you don't think about your future, you only think about the past and how it was the good times. Instead, you should always look forward and catch the opportunities that the future brings. Working on projects allow you to have recognition from your peers and/or auto-satisfaction.

This statement nevertheless is maybe a bit too simple :
  • What happens when you have tried many times to contribute to a project and you have failed multiple times ?
  • Why should we always move forward ? Some people need to have projects, maybe other prefer not to have projects ? Where is the freedom ? (See the joke on the Harvard MBA)
  • How can we find projects where everybody gets the "what's in it for me ?" question answered ? What if everybody wants to be the project manager ?
But in general, I agree with the statement. When I list my personal goals in life, I can identify the projects that I need to undertake to reach my goals. (By the way, my goals should be SMART, otherwise I'll never be happy).

So if the statement is true.: as human beings, we need projects.

The next questions are than:
  • what are my personal projects which will make me happy ?
  • what are my family projects ?
  • what are my community/village/team/work projects
  • what are my country's projects ?
  • what the world's project ?
and for all those projects, why do we want to have those projects ? Are they for a good cause ? How do they interact with each other ?

It's up to us all to select the projects which add value, respect the people and the nature. Many projects don't help us and nevertheless we contribute to them... Let's try to step out of these.
Saint-Nicolas at IBM (Nov 25th,2007)
Les impôts expliqués par un Ph. D. américain?. assez clair?.
Pour ceux qui ont compris, aucune explication n?est nécessaire. Pour ceux qui n?ont pas compris, aucune explication n?est possible.
Oui mais...
Entendu hier soir sur France4 dans "Oui mais..." avec Gérard Jugnot et Emilie Dequenne.

"C'est pas parcequ'il fait nuit qu'il n'y aura plus jamais de soleil"

En fait ce film raconte comment on peut rééquilibrer sa relation à l'autre, aimer quelqu'un sans jouer dans ses petits jeux de chantages affectifs et autre gentillesses inconscientes.
JavaPolis 2007 - a good start

Yesterday I attended some sessions at Javapolis 2007.

The session Introduction to JRuby really gave me a good feeling.

Eventually an IT session - in addition to IBM's Proof Of Technology - where people are not afraid of showing the bits and bytes of IT. They are even proud of it.

For many years now, I have been told to "Talk Business", ROI, "Business Value", "Business Drivers", "talk the language of the business"... IT Bullshit level > 50%.

If the business wants to do IT without bits/bytes, I wish them good luck.

Yesterday I was very happy to see 400 people listening carefully to a Netbeans/Ruby/Rails demo! I was fascinating for me to see someone doing something real. THE REAL STUFF...

IT Bullshit level = 0%.

And once again I'll refer to this article : Why Decision Makers Need to Understand the Technology.

Yes, there is a T in IT ! Na !

La Cachette De Brahma
L'homme a fait le tour de la terre, il a exploré, escaladé, plongé et creusé, à la recherche de quelque chose...
Téléchargez INFOPRENEUR.
Vendre des Ebooks : Téléchargez INFOPRENEUR. Le livre gratuit qui lève le voile sur les opportunités de l'édition numérique
Vous êtes aussi sur Fessebouc ?
Ca m'a bien fait rire...
Le Clip de la Bulle Web 2.0
It's a long time I ask myself the question : Is there a Web2.0 Bubble ?
IBM Lotus vend des stoemps d'affaires !!

Je lis sur le site BrusselsLife.be une explication sur les bootlegs.

"Aujourd'hui des centaines de bootlegs sortent chaque semaine sur internet (ils sont parfois appellés Mashup: synonyme de notre stoemp national, mais le mot Bootleg est de plus en plus généralisé)"

Mais oui, mais alors... en IT... les "Business Mashups 2.0" ce sont des stoemps d'affaire !! Mais bien sûr !

Mes collèques de IBM Lotus donc sont des vendeurs de stoemp :-D

Question subsidiaire : A quand les SOA Bootlegs ? Ca seraient des processus d'entreprise superposés ou quelquechose dans le style...

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