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1Minute URLEncoding when demonstrating Tamino

Date: 2001-08-31 18:36:01

If you want to send XML to Tamino Using
the HTTP GET  method (your brower URL line !!), you will have to URLEncode
your XML in the URL.  Click on "Read More" to learn about URL encoding.

You can use this small PHP page to do it if you have internet access

This will allow you to show this small Tamino demo...

1. Process a file in ino:ect  by using this URL



2. Update your instance (suppose it has ino:id=1)

if you send this

http://localhost/tamino/xml/ino:etc?_process= ino:id="1">Jean


it won't work because your URL is not URL encoded. Netscape will even
tell you this :

"Due to malformed syntax, the request could not be understood by
the server. The client should not repeat the request without modifications."

Use this instead :

http://localhost/tamino/xml/ino:etc?_process= %3Cperson +ino%3Aid%3D%221%22%3E%3Cname%3EmyName%3C%2F name%3E%3Caddress%3EGrez-Doiceau%3C%2Faddress%3E%3C%2Fperson%3E

Your URL is now correctly URL Encoded.

(Now there is another problem : is your XML well formed ??)


Understanding URL encoding when saving (or viewing) URLs:

Some characters are illegal in Internet URLs. They are mostly control characters, but a few are characters that you regularly use. For example, the space character cannot be used in Netscape URLs.

URLEncode is a method to specify a character in a different way.

The space character needs to be encoded as %20

The "/" character needs to be encoded as %2F

The "!" character needs to be encoded as %21

The most common URL error in the COBA website is a space in a long filename not being encoded as %20. This bad URL still works fine in Internet Explorer, but Netscape will strip off the part after the space. When Netscape gives you an error page for a web page with a space in the name, look at what the page says. If it does not contain the entire filename, is needs to be URLEncoded as %20.

These are the hexidecimal representations of the character. The decimal number for space is 32, and since hexidecimal uses the base-16 system instead of base-10 like we use (arabic numerals), 32 in decimal is 0x20 in hex. The letters A-F form the numbers 10-16, so 0x0A is 10 and 0x1A is 26. 0xFF is the largest character number that can be expressed and is 255 (a non-printing character).

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